So, i've been playing guitar for about 2 and a half years now. And my lead playing is terrible. Incredibly close to non-existant. I have developed quite nice rythm playing, but i really want to get a boost on my lead playing considering i seem to be far behind other peoples skill level at about 2 years for lead.

Tips and tricks? Songs and exercises?

I play mostly metal. like 90%. Metallica, pantera, bit of opeth and such.

When you say non-existent, what exactly do you mean? That you can't play solos outside the pentatonic scale, or that you can't play solos period?

I find that it helps to figure out some solos from the bands you listen to. I've never heard any Pantera or Opeth, but you could start out with some of the easier Metallica solos, to get into the idea (The first solo from Fade To Black and the solo from Nothing Else Matters come to mind...)
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well, if you're a good rhythm player, the battle is half won my friend!! Anyway, coming to the lead, practise your alt picking with the help of the metronome. I'll strongly suggest you check out John Petrucci's "Rock Discipline". It offers excellent tips for playing leads. Other than that, work on your vibratos and stuff. Basically play slow feel solos first and then graduate to tougher ones. Playing leads takes a lot of patience as it can be excrutiating sometimes. All the best
id work on coordination between your hands first by playing scales and runs at increasing tempos

then work on the problem of noise. if you are a good rhythm player you're hand should be tight, particularly in metal, so try and focus your right hand and mute all the strings you are not playing to kill noise

EDIT: plus however many numbers you want to "Rock Discipline"
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I also find lead playing to be very frustrating. I wouldn't say it's non-existent but I think it is rather limited. I find it's too easy to get trapped in shapes and also trapped playing licks that are well inside your ability level and the whole thing becomes very repetitive and dull. I was looking at these products from Lick Library as a way of helping me out:




Would these be useful or a waste of money?
What else could you suggest?
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