With all the Jonas Brothers bashing that goes on here I thought it was just a bandwagon, and that they couldn't be THAT bad...I hadn't heard any of their music...so I went on youtube, searched Jonas Brothers, and clicked the first link..

And now I need to hit something. Really hard. And I have nothing to hit.

What? They're amazing.
They played at ozzfest.


I mean, there's a reason they were in the movie Camp Rock
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congratulations you have irrational anger about music that you don't find aurally pleasing, and are not being forced to listen to.
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Not being a dick lol, if there is a rule against it I'll delete it...I just needed to express my frustration in the form of a forum post.

Or if it just really annoys you, I'll delete it, but only for an e-cookie
i for some reason just saw somethin about them on tv the otherday i thought they were in that highschool musical thing at first.... super gay
It's manditory to hate them, unless you are a preteen girl...Are you a preteen girl? :WTF:
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fret-less is wrong on most of his other points though. And he's an idiot.
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Its spreading.
Did you know they're putting out a 3-D movie in February, of one of their concerts?
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