Hey fellas,
I own a epiphone les paul studio. Im tired of my open coil stock humbuckers. So im gonna get some new ones. Ive been looking at seymour duncans, emgs and dimarzios. I want a neck and bridge humbuckers that can suit my style. I play everything. Rock, Metal, Blues, Jazz, Indie, Funk, Pop. So know any pickup that is flexible and is a seymour duncan, emg or dimarzio? I did think the SD SH-5 Custom for the neck and SD SH-1 '59 for the bridge as recommended by the website looked good. Also Emg's 85 for the neck and 81 for the bridge didnt look too bad either. Oh and i got a crap colour for my guitar so it looks really dotty with the open coil humbuckers. If any of you know something thats good and aint open coil please tell me. But if there seriously isnt much then i guess i'll have to stick with it.
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Contact Tim at www.bareknucklepickups.co.uk and tell him what you're looking for. If he knows the guitar, wood, amp and musical targets, he will be able to tell you which pup is best. Bare Knuckle pickups aren't cheap but they are stunning quality and the service is supreme.
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SH-1's usually go in the neck. I'd go with an SH-4 JB in the bridge instead of the SH-5, but its a matter of preference between those two. I'm pretty sure you can get most Seymour Duncan humbuckers with an optional chrome cover so you don't have to put up with open coils.

Don't put EMG's in an Epi LP Studio. Takes a hell of a lot more effort installing active pickups than it does swapping a couple of passives anyway. Active EMG's won't compliment your Roland either, so ignore them.
I just took my Seymour Duncan Sh-4 JB out of my strat because I was getting sick of the sound I had. I had heard good things about the Custom Custom SH-11. I threw it in after paying $44.00 on bay almost new. I love this pickup!! A great hard rock pickup but the highs sing and the low end is tight with great harmonics. I reccomend it and it has great reviews on harmony central. I also agree with Jonoh 248 that you should put the Sh1 in the neck and I think the 59 and the custom custom would be a great pair for you.
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Pickups aren't going to make a massive difference through a cube, I highly doubt your "sick of them" - you just want to be because changing pickups seems like a cool thing to do,

Save your money and put it towards a new amp.
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