Look at this. Look at the Vox ad100vt and the Vox ad50vt:


I am considering buying the ad100vt, but it almost seems like it's TOO good of a deal. Plus, it's the exact same proce as the ad50vt. I'm skeptical as hell about this one. Do you think I should buy it anyways and just be grateful for the deal? Please help.
Go for it! They're probably oversupplied with the AD100VT, hence the ridiculous price drop.
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Go for it! They're probably oversupplied with the AD100VT, hence the ridiculous price drop.

this and the upgrade to the new series will have cut their price

not quite sure why they are the same though
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don't buy those, it's the XL version, supposed to be metal, but sounds like crap...
It's all muted, and sounds like from behind a wall or something, I have experience as I tried it in the music shop...
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Read this!You know you really want to...

Ya like he said the XL's are high gain if you thought the straight AD50VT was hard to get clean the XL will not be what you're looking for.

The AD series are going cheaper now as they have been discontinued and are being replaced by the much better VT series, unfortunately the 50 and 100 watt VT's aren't out yet (I don't think anyway...they were due the end of '08). The AD's are good but they doubled the amp models in the VT's and you can now store 8 user-presets that can be switched with the optional 5-button pedal.
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