so this idea was floating aorund in ym head for 5 mins so i was like, it aint too bad,
take a listne its on my profile, recorded with a headset mic,
peavy valveking 112
distortion channel, with gain boost,
bass @ 5 o clock
mid @ 10 o clock
treble @ 4 o clock.

its fairly rough, but is it worth building on?

i will gladly comment on anythign else at request
It's not bad at all, but it's very standard Metallica/Megadeth fare
If you like it then build on it, but I think a bit more pace/more interesting rhythm would go a long way, it felt a bit slow and lumbering (not a bad thing, just preference really). Try and avoid the clichéd chord progressions too. In general, faster pace and throw in some harmonies and you've got a decent riff

C4C 'Apex Ideas' on profile?
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heh i know what u mean with the tallica / mdeth thing, and i dotn write too many riffs, really its my forst that i have liked lol! rest have been garbage, what type of chords coudl i use to jazz it up a bit, i mean i have the inverted powerchords

and i listend to apex ideas, i couldnt find any fault, it was immense, are the drums you , or a programme?
Ahh cheers man, it was really just a test piece for some JCM900 modelling software I found and Drumkit from Hell.

Well, I'm not too great on theory (as in, I know little to none) but a second guitar track over the top would help, like layering octaves over the powerchords and some sort of harmony for the lead breaks (3rds would sound good). As for the progressions, try and avoid the typical 2/0 >> 4/2 >> 5/3 kinda progression, just experiment really. Try chords like



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its a pretty nice riff.
its a lil slow for my taste
but it has a flow to it that i really like.
keep it up and see what comes of it though bro
I really like the trillish parts. For recording with a headset mic I think it sounds great!
I agree with speedmetalcore, It would be better if it was a little faster.. I can definitely hear it in a song though..

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I really like that riff man, it sounds alot like Metallica/Megadeth like the others have said, but that's a good thing to me, they're 2 of my favorite bands. That riff is definitely worth building on, to me at least. Also, listening to this helped me decide on my amp when I get a new one.