Hey everyone, every now and again (particularly during school) I get a few days in a row where I dont get time to play guitar (mainly acoustic), so by the time the weekend comes obviously I tend to get stuck into it and play all day. But usually my callouses have started to heal up and my fingers start to cane very quickly, are there any tips you can give me to allow me to play for longer? (generally when I'm playing on a regular basis I dont have an issue with this)

My curiosity was sparked after seeing some guy in the pit post a reply about using superglue to 'help you play better' and as ridiculous as it sounded I kinda understood why it'd work O.o

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When i really started the guitar a few years ago, I had this same problem.

super glue will work for a few hrs- just apply a light, EVEN coat on the tips, but be careful that you do not put to much in one place.. You'll have to try it an see. (playing the electric guitar a 3x coating rubbed off within 30minutes)

Here's the important part of the message though

I've read articles about a few players. They all say that it is better to play for 10 minutes every day then 5 hrs on one day of the week. Even if what your playing is easy stuff

The neurologists say that the brain learns better with constant activity.

I'm in High school right now, during the school week yea time is short especially when sports are in play. There is always time to play, there is always down time. Don't fool yourself into thinking that there isn't time.

Practice a little everyday- It sounds like you really like playing the guitar, so just do a little now and then. You'll get better much much quicker
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