I'm about to but an ESP LTD EX-400 in black.

The thing is I always us Ernie Ball Light Top Heavy Bottom strings and I'm wondering if this calls for a truss rod adjustment?

If so:

-How do I know if it needs adjusting

-How much do I adjust it

-Which way does it need to be turned

-How exactly is it done

P.s. Sorry if you've been blown away by the detail but from my past experiences with UG you need to be to get you point across.


Any advice would be really appreciated.


one major reason the truss rod may need adjustment is because of fret buzz, and also possible intonation.

aparently u only turn a quarter turn. CLOCKWISE ONLY once per day or something like that. Google this for proper precautions

just grab an key that would fit the slot at the neck of the guitar, that runs down the whole guitar and as u turn it it slowly turns the wood