Hi does anybody else play with the tip of the pick pointing slightly to the side rather than facing the guitar body straight on?
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depends on what im doing, when i play tremolo i tend to tilt my pick, but for strumming, small melodies and riffs i tend to be straight down
So I suppose I will now get flamed for saying that I very slightly anchor my pinky as well
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i usually play with the tip pointing straight on, but sometimes, when i'm playing faster songs (think PTH, Human Abstract, Zao, etc.) i tend to tilt to the left
hahah turtlewax u probably will lol, its stupid really every one has there own style, but i better hush as well i might start a war of cyber bombs
I do ... My pick usually points slightly towards the neck of the guitar.
Dunno if this is wrong, though. :S
My picks usually get worn away slightly to the right.

It's what seems to come naturally to me.

Is this a incorrect way to hold the pick?
there is NO IMPROPER way to holding a pick.
its just how confortable you are as you hold the pick.
Say for example, you hold your pick to an extreme left angle, thats not improper, its just the way you play, making your style unique. (and the fact that you'll burn thru picks faster than hot coffee on tissue paper.
I do usually change picks every so often cause the old ones are worn away.
I've been trying to play with the pick facing straight down, without much success.
Yea, when I'm playing really fast picked solos, I sometimes put my pick on the fretboard at angle... Really fast and smooth switching between strings.
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I just play in a way that is comfortable at the moment. Most of the time, its angled upwards because I predominantly play rythm guitar. When I'm doing a slower RHCP style solo, I tend to have my pick perpendicular to the strings, and angled again for faster solos.
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I used to, but it sounds like its scraping sort-of or something. So i stopped.
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I love the tone of a completely parallel pick, but its harder to pick faster and smoother, so I do it at an angle, but only slightly.
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I hold my picks with my middle and thumb finger, my thumb runs parallel to the strings (so the pick faces the strings, but slightly towards teh neck usually)

No one has complained about my playing so far!
(aside from a friend of mine who doenst like my phrasing style, haha)