Hope you're all doing well. I am a former Queen collector and have tons of shows to share (none of them are official). I hope you to enjoy them - I certainly do!

As a start...

1st November 1992

1.The Dark; 2.Tie Your Mother Down, 3.Driven By You, 4.Back To The Light, 5.Love Token, 6.Let Me Out, 7.Guitar Intro; 8.Love
Of My Life, 9.Let Your Heart Rule Your Head, 10.Too Much Love Will Kill You, 11.Since You've Been Gone

CD2: 1.Rollin' Over; 2.Guitar Extravagance, 3.Resurrection; Drum Solo; Resurrection (Reprise), 4.Last Horizon, 5.Hammer To
Fall, 6.Band Intro, 7.Now I'm Here

This is one of the best sounding recordings from this show. Transferred from a 2nd generation VHS and tracks splitted by me.

Particular things about this show:
1) This is Brian May´s first ever proper solo show.
2) Very first ever Brian May performances of BTTL, Love Token, LOML, LYHRYH, SYBG, Rollin Over, Resurrection and HTF
3) Please compare this version of Last Horizon to later ones and you will notice how much this song has developed in concert.
This version is probably the closest to the album version (including the one at Richard Digance Show in 1991!).

Password: ExtrasEdition


Take that link down. Also Queen don't belong here.
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Take that link down. Also Queen don't belong here.

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