is it easy to wire a guitar?

i was given a guitar that was in decent shape but the wiring was a complete mess. I've never done any wiring in a guitar before so i don't know a lot about it. The guitar has 2 humbuckers 1 volume, 1 tone, 3 way switch and another little switch that i don't know what it does. Would it be easy to wire all this together and if yes what new parts would i need.


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Well since its a double bucker setup 3 way switching, you should be able to get a diagram of a les paul or something like that and just copy it. You can also get free wiring specs and diagrams online just google it. I bet ya find what ya need. Put it all back together and see what works and what doesnt work. Ya might get lucky ,,everything may work just fine and sound killer just the way it is. Thats happened to me more than once.
If you know how to follow a wiring diagram it's pretty easy. And use common sense, try to solder your joints fairly quickly to avoid burning anything out, especially with the capacitor. Make sure your grounds are all good, and you should be fine.