Hi all, have SD Invaders ready to go into my guitar, a thick and chunky Schecter Hellraiser Avenger that is all mahogany (rosewood board, set neck), but worried it'll sound muddy (think this is due to sounding too dark, feel free to correct). Invaders EQ is roughly bass=7, mids=8, treble=5 with very high output.

Deciding whether to go 500k or 1000k pots, and wanted to know:

Is it true that 1000k pots:
- give a brighter sound?
- sound more open?
- sound louder?
- sound more vibrant?
- result in more treble?
- result in less bass?
- are better for high-gain pickups being played at high gain (metal, pinch harmonics etc)?
and finally;
- give more control?

And from research, CTS is a good brand, and audio taper for volume, linear taper for tone, am I right?

Cheers all!
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Everything you had in there is right, accept for it taking away bass, and also it's a subjective opinion as to whether the 1meg pots are "better". I could argue that 250k are "better" cause "I love a dark sound, therefore 250k are better", ya know? It's about what you like.

Everything else was dead on though, as the 1meg pot will sound brighter, more aggressive even, and will allow a slightly hotter output. The idea that the bass will be cut is just a perception thing: you hear more treble so you think the bass has been cut, when in reality, it's just that there is more treble let through and not much else has changed.

Give it a shot! After all, if you don't like the sound, you can always wire in some normal ones. Pots aren't very expensive when you compare them to most other guitar components.
Thanks for the swift reply

yeah, i really like the dark sound of the invaders, but am just concerned because alot of people think they're muddy in a thick, all-mahogany guitar, but it's got a maple top and is 25.5 scale and i play in standard/Drop d, so it might be fine.

I was thinking of going the 1000k pots just in case, after all, i'd rather actually use my tone control (if necessary) as it's usually maxed whenever i play. I also play 90% heavy stuff, so the openness, hotness and aggressiveness are much welcome.

Also, Invaders are known for treble roll-off and a very dark sound, so I thought the 1000k pots would give me some control over this, as well as the mud factor in mahogany/rosewood.

These are humbuckers btw. I also would like to know if 1000k's would sound thinner?
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i'm pretty ready to do this.. anyone have anything to add? i'm open to ideas, as i'm not sure whether to use, say, a 1000k pot for vol, and 500k for tone, and what effect this would have?
I'd just use the 1meg pots. Give you a bit more clarity as those Invaders are really powerful. On par with the X2N in my opinion, so the extra treble could be good especially for soloing.
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Agreed. Also, the 1meg pots won't sound thin. They will sound more aggressive, more "biting" perhaps, but any possible perception of thinness will just be from an increase in treble. You won't loose any mids or lows to a 1meg pot, you can only gain from it ( gain pun intended ).
I'd do it, as invaders are not only extremely powerful but are not very treble-intensive. Which is why I like the Distortion and the Full Shred.
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