With the Holy Grail do I have to use the adapter that it comes with because it says it 9V so could I just plug it into mypower bank that handles 9V's?

Thanks, Aidan.
Okay, thanks.

so what size converter do I need? in terms of size>size e.g 1/4inch>1/8inch(i know this isn't it!!!!!!) and could I pick these up from a local Maplins?
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well hold on a sec, my holy grail plus has a regular 9v input, and so has the EHX echo #1, all of their pedals don't have the same input, so make sure before you do
i believe the adapter for the small clone and big muff (i own these also) is a phone input thingie, so it's somewhere around the size of a 1/8 or a bit smaller... but i have no clue where you could find the adapter alone, i know my power inputs had lots of adapters supplied (godlyke power-all if interested)

oh wait i think that company ships adapters.. just check out their website, it's called godlyke and an adapter should cost around 4 bucks + shipping