Im looking for a good distorting pedal but my options are very limited (confined to one music store, as ebay is out of the question because of my paranoid folks and it is the only music store within a 1000 mile radius) at the moment i am looking at the Line 6 range of distortion pedals or the Boss line but my price range is around 100 dollars so i am wondering what sort of distortion i would be able to get out of the "Zoom Effects Pedals" my school has one but unfortunately it's the school holidays, so short of breaking in to try/steal it i am unable to test it.

As the people on these forums have always been nice and have never steered me wrong. I thought i would ask what you guys thought
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MI Audio Crunch Box.


lateedit: but really, go to www.proguitarshop.com and watch their demos. they do a very good job with each demo, and really work out a good range of what each pedal can do.
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as i have a fender telecaster, and fender amp, i am looking for a pedal with lots of distortion, so i can also play metal (im not expecting anything spectacular amazing) when the mood takes me.
a boss ds1 or ds2 will get you some nice rock tones. there is also the megadistortion that will emulate a mesa.

a lot depends on your amp though
it is a Frontman 212R, so nothing spectacular in the distortion section to begin with. but it gets the job done, also anything with a noise gate would be nice
your better off saveing up for a new amp instead of waisting money on pedals to try and get a quick fix
All the effects are good in Zoom pedals but the distortion/OD!
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what about the line 6 uber distortion

in my experience, i would stay away from all Line 6/Boss/Dano distortion pedals. if you go on the website i linked, there are tons of different options available, and some are around $100, although you may need to stretch that a little bit (and it will be worth it in the long run)
If I were u, depending on your budget I'd go for for a Boss DS and for a Danelectro's EQ to shape my tone, and save the rest.

You have no idea what this 25$ EQ can do to your sound.