Hello all, I'm new here. I'm finding it a little problematic to take the time out to actually use this forum, and well, my recent problems on the guitar finally prompted me to actually make a post.

I'm trying to strengthen my left hand and fingers by playing on an acoustic, and jack johnson's "sitting, waiting, wishing" has a C7 barre chord in the main riff, on the third fret.

I just can't play the stupid chord!

See, I manage to fret all strings, except the bloody third. When I first make a hand position for the major chord, and then let go the middle finger to make it a C7 chord, the third string always gets muted! I have to apply an intense amount of force to pluck that string! With glimpses of Jamie Andreas' lessons in mind, it is best to play with the least amount of effort. But I'm applying an insane effort just for one stupid chord! If I had to omit the 6th and/or the 5th string and so reduce the overall applied pressure, then it could be done, but they aren't omitted! Which means that I have to apply pressure with my index on all strings except the 2nd and 4th.

So. HOW does one play that chord? Providing pictures would be extremely helpful, since English isn't my first language and so I can't graps written descriptions fully well.

Now, the other issues. I've been practising the usual 1234 exercises here for finger strength, and they have helped. However, whenever I try to fiddle on the board and make some tune, my pinky doesn't hit the string well. It either doesn't apply full force or touches too far from the fret, buzzing the string. Or it misses the string. Or the string touches the "underside" of the pinky rather than the (small) front. The action on the acoustic is fairly high yes, which is allthemore better for practise. But now I'm just plain frustrated. How can I make my pinky fret the strings properly without altering the guitar? Or is there no solution and lowering the action is the only choice?
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just leave out the extra low G note, the chord will still have a 5th.
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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^I'd leave it out anyway, It doesn't add to the chord in anyway (In fact, I prefer it without).

Try everything as slow as you can. Put your "pinky" down slowly, but accurately. Gradually increase the speed of fretting the chord until you can do it pretty much instantly.