Seymour Duncan Power Grid: The chunkiest, meanest distortion pedal I heard yet: £65 shipped

Danelectro Metal I: VERY versatile metal distortion. Both of these clean up pretty damn well. Surprisingly awesome for the money! £30 shipped

AMT DistStation: 3 distortion pedal in one, and then some. Bass, Treble, Level, gain, and a three way switch each for: mic placement, gain level, amp types (Tweed, Marshall, Mesa): £70 shipped

Danelectro Danecho delay pedal: Quite a nice sound actually! £30 shipped

MI Audio Blues Pro: Y'all know the deal there. £60 shipped

All pedals are in mint or near mint condition but the Danelectro Danecho, this one's used up. A 7/10. 100% functional though don't worry.

Shipping is included to the UK and Northern Ireland.
As always, any questions, feel free to ask! I take offers and I'm looking for a Digitech DL8 or Boss DD7 as trade.
I did, I thought you said you'd let me know about slightly more than £25 as this is quite low... I had an offer for £30 though, I'll let you know if this falls through first.

Power Grid is SOLD! Thank you very much.
Are you selling the bad monkey aswell? if so how much for?

UG Mods really have no sense of humour.....

trade the blues pro for boss ge-7 equalizer?
Fender Telecaster (MIM) <- the sentimental one

Fender USA strat

4 standing Oasis tickets, Cardiff 12th June - selling at face value go!
Sorry, Bad Monkey not for sale and I am not interested in an equalizer. BP not for sale anymore either.