For sale is my tobias toby pro 5B custom.

5 piece maple/wenge thru neck
bubinga wings
dual soapbar pickups
active 2 band preamp
black hardware
5 strings
bubinga wings

Minor faults:
A bridge screw has sheared, it's still fairly stable, but i'm going to try and get it out and fix it soon
A tuner broke, so i replaced it with a very similar gotoh one
a few minor cosmetic bumps etc
the pan pot is a bit crackly

As for the good stuff, it plays really nicely, sounds good and everything is working fine. I've used it live a few times and it's a really solid bass.

Price wise, i'd like £300 + postage in the UK (one sold on ebay for £330 the other day), though i will entertain sensible offers. Pickup would be preferred though if you're in the area (i'm based in nottingham)

More pics etc available at request.