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Ibanez ART-100 ($299)
8 73%
Michael Kelly Patriot Decree ($3 hundred somthing)
3 27%
Voters: 11.
After deciding on getting an Ibanez ART-100 or a Epiphone Les Paul Standard. (The Ibanez won.) I heard about this OTHER guitar that is pretty good in my price range also. That guitar is Michael Kelly Patriot Decree.

If it helps I play anything and everything except metal. So which guitar is better?

and the patriot decree I saw online is it kind of bigger than a les paul? like the body? therefore bigger than the ART?

Please give me comments on both guitars, thanks. And if you have any pictures of either guitar, please post them
well i played an art and i didnt really like it
but i have never played a michael kelly, they seem to be bang for the buck type of guitars.
i think you should save up to 400, and then go used.
or go used with this 300, and get an epiphone les paul standard
Id say stick with the ART ive got an ARC which is the model that preceeded it and tbh id choose it over a les paul anyday
ibanez generally steer towards metal, and the art is a little plain looking in comparison to the michael kelly, which has good stuff like PAFs and coil-tap.

michael kellys probably your best bet. find it and play it first tho, as well as the ibanez.
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thanks everyone, somehow I just can't get rid of the picture in my head of the patriot being fatter and bigger than the ART 100... lol I mean the body dimensions, is it really bigger?