Like I said in a recent post I went guitar shopping and the breedlove d25/sr was the only guitar I played that stood out. Yet I had a problem with it in two different stores with a loud metallic buzzing (two diff stores and guitars) so I didn't buy.

Is there a comparable guitar type tone wise to breedlove? None of the martins or taylors I played sounded as good. Neither did the takamines. I almost don't even want to spend my money now I am so jaded.
If you're playing acoustic guitars in stores this time of the year, you have to keep in mind that you likely live in an area of low relative humidity and the guitars are suffering for it. When Taylors, Martins and Takamines, among others, are exposed to low humidity, the tops will sink in, which lowers the action and produces the buzzing. I keep my home guitar room around 50% RH and my acoustics, electrics and wood floor love it. You don't mention where you're from, but if what I've said applies to you, then try to find a guitar store with a humidified acoustic guitar room. Most store, like Guitar Center, do not humidify in the Winter. However, there are some smaller stores that do. Try one of these.
When you finally decide to buy your acoustic, you should also budget for a small room humidifier. Lowes, Home Depot and OSH sell them for around $100. You also need to purchase a digital hygrometer, which should be placed on the opposite side of the room from the humidifier. Make sure the humidifier doesn't directly blow on the guitars. Room humidity should be maintained per the instructions given by your manufacturer, but generally between 40% and 55% RH.

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So would you say I should order a new one and take my chances on the buzz not appearing? And get the humidifier?
get one off the internet since u already know you like it... if there seams to be a problem, send it back and continue your epic search. I wish you luck!