I stay in the downtown area. I go to Clark Atlanta as of now.... (unfortunately). School sucks ass...but anyway, if you want to jam or something, i'm available pretty much all week. And if anyone goes to Kennesaw State University.....I'm there about every weekend with my girlfriend. P/M me if anyone is interested.
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Dude....I'm apart of that already....i'm the one who told you that you should go on every post...'member. lol
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sure but I cant during the week as im in middle school so i cant drive either and i also live a good hour away but i still need someone to jam with as most people who play guitar where i live suck or dont play what i play
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next weeks installment, John tells us of the time he played in a band with Elvis's drummers, second cousins mother on harmonica and they invented grunge.
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I'll definitely keep you in mind man. I'm still trying ti get my skills together and then form a band. Preferably some form of metal.