im not sure if this goes here but i think it would because it has to do with moving my band(s) forward in some way.

Ive gotten a good amount of christmas money this year and theres a couple things i wanna buy with it but i can only afford one. which one do you think would be better? btw i have a solo band thats like...electro pop punk? idk and ive been trying to get together a metalcore band for a while. so heres the options

1. PA system- Id like to eventually start playing shows with my solo project.
pros: If i dont buy it now its gonna take me a long time to save up the money again.
Cons: I wouldnt use it right away

2. Acoustic Guitar: Pros: it would add to my solo project and its always nice ot have another guitar haha
Cons: i dont really need one

3. Recording Equipment Pros: ive been trying to build up a home studio so yeah it would help
Cons: What i have now is fine

so what do you think?
That depend, did you have a lot of show upcoming? If yes, i'll say 1. If you don't have any show but still want to release cd soon, the quality is a very important thing so 3. 2 is useless take a cheap acoustic guitar or and effect if you really want one.

Also if you got alot of composition the option 3 can be a good one.
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well no i dont have any shows coming up but when i want to start getting some i dont wanna be struggling to get money together for a pa
most places i play supply the pa. thats just in my experience though.
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If you are going to start playing shows you will most likely be provided with a PA System to work with. I'd say go with the recording stuff.
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I would say 3, just because you need good quality for CD's.
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probably alot of my first shows are gonna be partys. idk as you can probably see im leaning towards the pa but at the same itme i dont wanna totaly waste my money