I am looking new pickups for my '91 Strat (made in Japan).I found a pickguard loaded with high output GFS humbuckers.I've never heard of these and was wondering if they're any good?Also can anyone tell me if my strat will need to be modified to accept these?
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If your strat is routed for single coils and these are full size humbuckers, then you'll have a problem fitting the pickguard on. You'll have to route bigger spaces. It depends on how your current guitar is routed. If they are stacked singles then you'll be fine.

I've never used GFS but I would. For the money they're probably fine, but they may not be good enough for the very picky among us.
Have a look at Lace Pickups. Lace makes some loaded pickguards and their pups are widely recognized as good stuff.