I have a DVD on my computer to put on my iPod. I have the converter and I've done this a million times with Youtube videos but never with a DVD. The files in the folder look like this,

I'm not sure which to convert. One file is the main menu (where you select play, chapters, etc.) Some are audio and some are video. I don't know what I have to do to make it the movie and audio together. Any help?
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What does Itunes recognize the DVD as? Or does it at all?

I put in the DVD and it opens with FLC player not with iTunes.
personally I think it is easier to use a dvd ripper to make a .avi or .mpg file. Just google around for a dvd ripper
I have a program called HandBrake that converts stuff like that and it's really good, but the problem is that it's for mac, you'll have to search HandBrake for windows or something..
I got it. Turns out for some reason it made a copy of all the audio too. So that 428, 154 KB files is all the audio. The other files are the actual DVD with the audio. So all I gotta do is Google a program to put the files together.

I'm dumb. Thanks guys. This can be closed.
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I put in the DVD and it opens with FLC player not with iTunes.

Right, but if you want it on your Ipod its worth a shot, if Itunes converts it for you.