If you don't feel comfortable doing it, then it is probably safe to say don't do it.
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Levy's straps
Dear.. you actually had to ask that?

Stop being such a wuss, the internet will not be here to hold your hand throughout your whole life. Put it on, if it drops, catch the bastard and don't use it anymore.
Since he's done the joke thingy, now it's time for him to buy you the real McCoy. I wouldn't trust that strap on my cheap $500 guitar, let alone my most expensive one. I'm sure you live near a Guitar Center, or some other guitar store. "Dad, that was funny, but I need a real strap. We can get one today."
Those things are designed for thinks as light as ****

I wouldn't trust that thing with my worst guitar
Does it actually fit your strap pin?

but seriously, keep in mind it was designed for a controller that weighs like half a pound and has plastic knobs for strap pins...
Wouldn't it be kind of an insult to your real guitar to put on a strap designed for toys for people who only dream of playing guitar?

Plus, if that thing was capable of supporting the weight of a real guitar, I would be quite surprised.

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Quote by Cobain_Is_King
Just so you guys know, it is still a regular guitar strap.

yea i tested it a les paul standing for 20 mins =)

EDIT: With locks i think
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Quote by quantum leap

Plus, if that thing was capable of supporting the weight of a real guitar, I would be quite surprised.

Why? its the same quality as every regular $7 strap, only probably shorter.
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How well is it made, are the ends heavy and the hole for the strap button tight?

I buy a lot Levys generic black nylon straps for $5.00 ea and they work really well. I have several other straps one of the more expnsive all leather Gibson straps I have I wouldn' trust without locks. That brings me to the fact nothing beats a set of strap locks to keep your guitar from falling off a strap and hitting the floor. I don't care if you 5 bucks or 50 bucks for a strap either one can fail and let a guitar slip off so for the $19.99 it costs for strap locks it's well worth it. I have yet to have a strap fail on me and sometimes I can jump around quite a bit.