First of all Hello to all newcomers. If you are looking for exposure or here to learn some new songs this is the place for you.

Post a quick reply to this thread If you want to ride the Music Train! All profiles will be viewed and rated by all who post.

I feel honest feedback is the best way to find your path on your musical journey. If someone feels that a song is lacking in areas then I definitely want to hear about it! If they thought it was performance worthy I would also like to hear about it. How else do we learn how to improve our playing? To me that is what UG is best used for. And all the awesome tabs of course.

From this point forward I will start commenting and rating everyone's Mp3's, Tabs or other contributions who have done the same for me. If we all do this I truly think it will make us better musicians. Please leave comments and ratings (Good Or Bad) on my profile page. Don't forget to post a reply to get more exposure to your contributions.

Thanks And Rock On!