I posted this on another forum and thought I would ask here too. Money no object, which of these two guitars would you choose based on tone only? I am primarily a strummer. My local GC has a 730S in stock but not a 750S so I can't compare the two. Also, does anybody have a pic of the backside of the 750S?
even though this isn't one of the choices i would recommend the Yamaha FG720S. because it is a solid top acoustic and has a very rich full tone sound.

i have one.
i recently bought a YamahaFG720s and im really satisfied with it. Id recommend that too. It has fantastic tone and great resonance
The F730S has rosewood side/back. The F750S has sycamore side/back.

Sycamore isn't a common acoustic guitar material, which is probably why it's more expensive. Tonally, I'm not sure how it sounds compared to the rosewood. They're both laminate side/backs though so yeah...
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so yeah...

i think what he's saying is that if this is the only difference it doesn't really matter.
rosewood back and sides are good for strumming ... a nice full sound and the fg730s is a very nicely balanced tone for strumming
take it easy man .. its just a thread