Good evening all.

Well tomorrow I've got my student loan coming through and hopefully other back payments of bursaries etc and to be honest, I'm fed up of playing my guitar through my 35w Bass amp with a Boss DS1 pedal which at the best of times, is meh because I'm always messing about trying to find that 'tone' that I long for.

Anyways, I'm only limited to practicing in my house and I would like recommendations for what type of practice amp would be good enough. I also play a ****ty Les Paul copy which needs modding up too.

My budget is between £150-£250, I play mixture of Punk, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Blues and Alt Rock and also if the amp had a 'Record Out' feature like the Line 6 Spider (I think) it would be cool .

Sorry about the essay and thanks in advance

EDIT: I've been offered a Fender Stage 160 amp from a friend from work for £100, but I'm unsure.
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Try the super champ XD nice little modeler. i never cared for the Valvetronix series, but try as many as you can and make a choice.
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