Alright so I have a PRS Custom 22:

I swapped out the pickups and put PRS #7's in and changed the rotary knob to a 3 way toggle switch. Mine is not a 10 top and has the bird inlays on the neck.

Now I know a lot of you will ask "why get rid of a PRS?" Well I feel I am undeserving of it. I'm not quite as good as I want to be, I have no interest in playing music professionally and I feel the guitar would be better off in the hands of someone who will truly appreciate it.

So if I were to trade her in I had 2 other guitars in mind
Fender Road Worn 60's Strat


Gibson Les Paul Vintage Mahogany

I have a strat and love it to death, so getting another would be fantastic.
The problem I have with the Gibson is the weight of the thing, but damn it's beautiful.

I have played the Gibson, it sounds good for what I'm using it for. I have yet to play the Fender but should be trying it out ASAP.

So what would you recommend?
If you were to trade in the PRS which guitar would you suggest I go for (dependent upon the trade in Value I'm given of course)?

Thanks very much for the help, I apologize for the length of the post.
If you must trade, get the strat.

The LP vintage mahogany's are nearly the lowest quality gibson you could get, besides melody makers.........

But seriously, KEEP THE PRS! You will get better and you'll wish you had it back.
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Keep the PRS. Even if you don't think you deserve it, keep it. Would you sell a 59 Gibson? No, you'd keep it.
At least, I would.
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Don't trade your PRS for anything, even if you feel undeserving of it. Always aspire to get better man, even if you are a bedroom guitarist.

Although if I really had to, i would choose the Les Paul. Not because it is a Gibson (I personally prefer ESP ---->same tonal variety and way lighter) but because the tone is warmer and thicker compared to a strat.

You already have a strat so if I were you I would get something else just to have different sounds at my disposal.
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Damn now you guys are making me feel guilty for even considering trading her in, haha.
If you don't want it I'll trade you for my Squier, you have to at least be deserving of that.

Seriously though, keep it, even if you aren't going to play professionally, it'll still make a great collectors item
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Quote by WtrPlyr
I'm with DeltaFunk
Get strat if you're gonna' trade it in.

But dude, PRS is awesome. PRS will make more, and people who want one can get one. Keep it I say.