I am going to buy the Peavey Vyper 75watt.

Does anyone have one?

Is it worth getting?

Do you have to get the Foot Pedal made by Peavey it cost $80?
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never heard of crainglist.

I think he meant "Cringe-list."

Used items so horrible they make you cringe.


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I saw a Splawn 4x12 with Eminence small block (similar to greenbacks) speakers for, get this... $200.

And lucky me, I had JUST bought a 1960B cab for $350 and thought it was a good deal. God I was so pissed. The ONLY positive I could think of was that the Splawn was bright cherry red and I would've had to pay another $150 to get it retolxed in a color that wasn't completely hideous.
schecter hellraiser c-7 08 model for 500 bucks.

Almost bought it.
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Vetta II head + FBV short and longboard for $750
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Bought a peavey valveking for $220. New its $420 + tax.
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i bought my standard strat w/texas specials off of the L.A. CL for $200. The only thing wrong with it was a broken nut. I got my MM4 w/the expression pedal, a couple of crappy dano pedals, and a digitech synth wah off CL for $125.