Hey guys, so here's my problem:

I have a Vox Valvetronix V120 amp and sometimes when I turn it on there's this intensely annoying low pitched buzzing sound and the amp doesn't work at all. I've brought it in to my local guitar store on a few occasions to get it fixed and it gets "fixed" then sent back to me and it will work for awhile then out of nowhere it will return again. I've been told by some people it's something wrong with the capacitor and other people have no idea what's wrong with it. Any one have similar problems or have an idea of what I should do about it?
Understand that it's incredibly difficult to troubleshoot over the web. If I had the amp sitting in front of me, I'd look in the power supply section. The buzzing noise tells me the pre and power amp sections are likely working, but a buzz could be caused by 60 Hz AC getting through the power supply - which would be a filter capacitor.

Is it still under warranty?
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