Hey everyone im pretty new to playing the guitar, i need some help with some good chord progressions or small patterns to get me started in my writing, can anyone recommend any good songs or tips that would help. My knowledge of the guitar is pretty limited so any advice for beginners would help. Thanks in advance
Try to find:

The Ultimate Guide to Guitar Chapter II...

Read the first 2 articles of that chapter and a whole new world will open for u =)
Have a look at chord inversions.

Say, for example, I started with a C Major triad, I can then invert or reverse it. C Major contains the notes C, E, and G which are all a third apart. You can then flip this, by leaving the root note "c" where it is, removing "G" and "E", and instead by placing two notes a third DOWN from "C". You now get "F" as the bass note, "A" as the middle note, and "C" as the top note.

Another technique to consider:
So, for example, let's use the C Major triad again, containing the notes C, E, and G. Select one of these notes, and move it up (or down) an octave.

Hope I helped...
Good luck!
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i agree with first reply read the Ultimate guide to guitar in the columns, its good for players of all skills
NSW Group FTW!

There's nothing incredibly interesting here.
learn some power chords its the easiest way to start

for example




u can pretty much do this shape anywhere on the neck using the EAD strings or the ADG strings
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