i'm thinking of getting the laney vc30 and i have a few questions, what do the Hi & Lo inputs mean

and it says the one 12 inch speaker version weighs 21.5 kg and i'm not exactly a body builder but is that reasonable enough to carry to and from cars and up to my house, 20 metres and lots of steps? i'm pretty average strength for a 16 year old male but i dont ever work out etc.
Lo input is attenuated 6db, its a bit quiter, suppsoed to be used for high gain inputs to tighten the sound and vice versa for the hi input, i usually stick to the lo gain.

Im a 16 year old girl and can manage to get my vc30 out of my room to the car.

I've been looking at this amp as well. does the gain sound (bluesy, classic rock, heavy, etc.)? And how much headroom does it have?
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According to the handbook, if theyre low output passives, its preference though really.

I use low output passives through the low input.

^Bluesy, get some hard rock out of it, not a huge fan of the gain IMO, but its good to push with a pedal.

Check the first page of the Laney thread, lots of reviews and shizz there.

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It's a great amp, although between the two outputs I can barely tell the difference. It's there, but very slight. And it's quite heavy, but manageable. Well worth buying, hope you enjoy it
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