Well, I've witnessed how many people enjoy and use Online bands to write, record, and jam. Living where I do, rural Nevada, Not many people play instruments, and If they do, they're into Screamo or some other genre I'm not big on.

So, I'm starting an online Blues Band. I've seen a lot bands just looking for 1 guitarist, one bassist and one drummer, but I think that the days of 3 man bands are gone. I'm a guitarist, looking for one or two more guitarists, a bassist, a drummer, a keyboardist, and hopefully someone who can play the harmonica.

Guitar: Pat York (guitarp_11)
Bass: ____________________

and I'm always open to more of anything.

I'm hoping the band will be all around blues, from BB king style slow Blues to rory Gallagher/Joe bonamassa style Blues rock.

If you're interested let me know!

Pat York (guitarp_11)
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HEY! THIS SOUNDS COOL! Blues Rock and slow blues are both my favorite genres as well as anything little bluesy that sounds cool! I would like to be the second guitarist!

How did you think this band will do it's records then? Each one on its own with a metronome? And are the songs going to be published on YouTube or here or both? And is the band going to do covers, originals, or both? Interesting idea! Contact me if you think I'm good enough to be the second guitarist. And please note I recorded those songs on my page 2 months ago, so I'm little better at the moment and my soloing isn't that aggressive and repetitious, if you know what I'm saying
hey man sounds like a kool idea, i can play guitar bass and drums, but i only have guitars... so yeah, just let me know
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I play bass, guitar, might be able to cover some keys in a pinch. I might be up for this. My questions are similar to IiroKoo, how do yu plan to record.
@ IiroKoo, raymo39, mr sprocket

There can never be too many guitarists, and this should really be a learning process. I figure we could do covers until we work on or someone make a song that we like. Raymo, even though you don't have drums at the moment, you could use GP5, they have some pretty realistic drum banks for their RSE (realistic sound engine).

We could all record on whatever equiptment we have individualy. Myself, i use a Line into my comp and then throw down in GuitarRig3

BTW I have GR3 and GP5 that I can "let you borrow" if you need.

What songs/artist are you all palying.

For me: SRV, Buddy Guy, Joe Bonamassa, ZZ Top, Skynyrd, Gov't Mule, etc.
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i play more english hard rock, but can switch back to delta blues with a billy gibbons twist or some SRV runs. i have GP5 (with RSE) and i record directly onto adobe audition 3 out of my amp.
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Fender telecaster '58 heavy relic in blonde

"its in the key of D minor, i find songs in this key makes people want to weep."
"its called Lick My Love Pump"

I'd love to do some guitar. I'm also a keys player (I have a 70s organ which can be pretty sweet for blues if anyone's keen...) I can write out drum parts if no-one else is up for it, Sounds like a cool idea.
I do mostly AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Ray Vaughan, ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bad Company, Cream, anything like that! Everything bluesy that sounds good and then some Classic Rock. I have no Guitar Pro and I don't use tabs, but it's pretty easy to figure songs out by ear.
@ Comrade curry & Raymo
2 drummers collaborating might be a good idea.

@ irokoo - we should probably all use the same TABs so that we don't end up with 2 guitars playing the same thing, but splitting at a certain point and not having a guitar part for a section of a song.

@Chris - anyone with any guitar skill, and escpecially anyone with knowledge of the keys is welcome. Your organ sounds awesome, but I wonder if you can record it alright?

@zombiesopus - we could upload them to a shared MediaFire ( http://www.mediafire.com/ ) account, and whoever wants to master, can. or we could all give it a shot on mastering and compare all of our results to find the best.

Anyways this is becoming to be a great group of people.

i made a group so that we don't have to use this forum. Its private (anyone can view, but you have to be a member to post, and to become a member, you need an invite from a current member. I already added everyone thats showed interest so far. Excluding zobiesopus because i couldn't tell if he was interested.)

I'll keep checking on this thread and if anyone else wants an invite, post here about what you play.
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Yeah I can, check out my profile I have some demo tracks using it. Cheers for the group invite!
There can never be too many of any instruments, so 2 drummers is just fine. The more people, the more inspiration.
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there are no stupid questions, just stupid people.
I'll do harp for sure. Check my recordings in my profile. My band profile 'the liquid blues band' has a track with some harp stuff on it.
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@ guitarp_11 : I think you're right, every guitarist should play the same way, but if the tabs are inaccurate (most tabs really are) I wouldn't bother to learn the wrong version of the song. I stopped using tabs a year ago and I think I'm pretty good learning songs by ear. Check my recording called "AC/DC You Shook Me All Night Long Solo" and you will hear it.

And I'm not in the group? :O
theres some blues improv on my profile...give it a listen and tell me if i'd fit in there. Would love to be a part of this
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is this still happening?
cause i can play harmonica if its in the key of g(cause all i got's is a c harp)

Edit: nvm

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I would join except I lack the ability to record. If one of you can give me some tips, I'll possibly join.
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I know this is coming a bit late, but I'm a vocalist with some professional recording equipment. I've been looking to record some stuff in this genre for awhile now, just haven't really had the drive as of lately.

I'm also a pretty skilled blues guitar player with a Tele, Les Paul, and a Fender Blues Junior Amp.

I understand that in the original post, you didn't request for a vocalist, but hit me up if you might need one.

Also on a side note, I've got considerable experience in studio work and mixing and mastering. So I can work on that side of the production.
I'd be second guitarist

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dude i can play the guitar (bass, but i have no bass), i can program drums and i can play the harmonica!!!!
hey is anything still going on with this? I wouldn't mind doing some guitar and/or bass work for this project sometime, and my friend might help too. I love the blues.
If its not way too late by now, I'd love to do guitar for this group.
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Well hey I know you didn't say anything about it, but I could produce and mix you guys for free. I love blues, but I'm already in two bands in the area and one online band so I don't think I'd have time to record and write with you guys.

I do producing work in my area for local bands for like dirt cheap rates, but I'm just trying to get more practice in for college. Send me a pm if your interested
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id really like to be a part of this but my improv work isnt really up to scratch, i play guitar and love blues and blues rock, this group sounds awsome
Wanna know what gear i have? check my profile
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