I'm looking for a quote on approximately how much money it'd take to build this guitar. I'd probably custom order the neck from Warmoth, or something.

24 fret birdseye maple, neckthrough, birdseye maple fretboard
Poplar, Jackson Kelly shaped body
Ibanez JPM design paint, black/white.
Scalloped cutaways, flat top
Black MOP Roman Numeral Inlays according to fret (i.e Fret 3's inlay is III 12 is XII, etc.)
All black hardware
Ibanez Edge Pro Bridge
Reverse Polarity JB , JEM Single Coil, SH2N Jazz with Reversed Polarity
3 vol, 5 way switch. No tone.
Strat style Input, Locking nut.
Lightly oiled neck, finished in Clear Satin to prevent stickyness.
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I tried it out in store.

Great neck, nice n light, good tuning stability. Overall a good guitar. I didn't but it cause I generally only buy guitars over a grand now.
My Guess (its an educated guess) is near the $1000 Us Dollars. But it sounds worth it. I think that would be sick!

And i am also a Marty Friedman Fanboy.
That sounds cool, but I recommend not ordering the neck from warmoth...they are ridiculously expensive. I was gonna, but it came out to 202 USD, without scalloping. I then looked up the materials for doing it myself and it is 95 USD, witohut the wood and glue, but i can just get a 20 dollar neck blank off of LP addict.
If you are going to make anything from scratch, add in the cost of tools. In total probably upwards of a few thousand dollars.

If you just want to buy parts and put them together, factor in the cost of other people's labour. That will probably be like fifteen hundred all in.

If you have the tools, experience, and a local lumber yard, you can do it for like six hundred or less.

OtterEDIT: And you don't apply oil and lacquer to the neck, it's one or the other.

OtterEDIT2: Also, you want a floyd rose with that then? Because you have a locking nut written down there.
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OtterEDIT2: Also, you want a floyd rose with that then? Because you have a locking nut written down there.

He said he wanted an Ibanez Edge Pro Bridge.
If you had access to tools, I say you could probably do it for about $900 or so.
Edge Pro = ~$150-200
Pickups = ~$200
Body Wood = ~$50-150 (Depends where you get it, local lumber yard or online)
Tuners = ~$80
Neck = $150 (I'm guessing you want a decent neck, so this will get you near there.)
Inlays = $50 (Get a MOP blank and do it yourself if you're comfortable otherwise the inlays would be around $200)
The rest would be for paint, sandpaper and fret wire etc.

These are all estimates, You can get lucky and get things second hand or used for way cheaper.

Good luck!
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I'm going to come one in here on the cheap side of things, because if you get stuff used in great shape, you could save a TON of cash. This is a list of stuff you can get either used on eBay or craigslist, either new or mint used, minus tools:

Edge Pro = $125
Pickups = $120
Wood (neck thru + wings + fingerboard ) = $170
Inlay materials= $50ish from StewMac
Fretwire= $20
Tuners= $25
Paint/finish materials = $60
Pots, switches, wiring = $20

So, a smidge under $600. You could do it for less actually, if you wait around looking for deals and such.
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Has no one else noticed that warmoth doesn't do neck through necks.

Yeah they only do bolt-on's. Sounds like a really good build, I've never heard of using Roman numerals as inlays before, a great idea.
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