Hey UG

Just a quick question, which im sure many of you have asked at some point;

Im Quite possibly addicted to my guitar. But life is life and you gotta deal with other problems first.

More to the point; Obviously the more you play guitar, you are able to play longer, more complex songs and solos. Im not interested in very heavy metal / black metal, and im struggling to find songs which are challenging or have many interesting parts. Im learning music theory, and i was wondering, Are there any tab books that are for higher intermediate players? Or any other reccomendations.


dude, just play what u listen to, im absolutely sure that there are tabs on UG for damn near everything. so just find sumthing that sounds cool to you and decide u wanna learn it. im learning the glass prison by dream theater and technical difficulties by paul gilbert, but thats me, they sounded fun so i learned em.
Example of something you do find challenging? Or atleast used find a challenge (recently) so we can get an idea of what to suggest next
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You don't need tab books.

Continue to practice what you currently do as to not get 'rusty', and continue to learn music theory.

I have a book or two I'd recommend if you were far along enough in music theory, although I won't because they won't be of really any use to you right now.
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well i also work on my speed and i think thats another thing thats worth working on weather u play blues or death metal. work on some scales, and u can pick some parts out in some songs u wanna play so its still fun, i mean u dont have to learn every song from a-z. play what u want but u have to practice on some thing difficunt for u on ur level to get better.

find inspiration in the music
break on through
Sultans of swing . The only song which ive tried which i havent managed to finish. The rhythm of it throws me lol. but as an idea for most of the time ive been plying, nearly 2 years and more often than not 2 1/2 or 3 hours a day.
go for old megadeth songs...
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Speed Mechanics for lead guitar by troy stetina is a great workbook, challenging stuff like flight of the bumble bee and some classical songs also included. The more you put in, the more you get out
"If you want beef, then bring the ruckus." - Marilyn Monroe