Hi, i was learning some new songs on my guitar today(i am self taught and have only played for a half year) And there is one thing in many nirvana songs that Kurt do allot which i don't seem to get a grip off, here is a example from the start of "Smells like teen spirit":


When xxxx comes in it does the thing i cant get a grip off, plying muted stings or something like that, it seems like. Can someone explain or show me a video or something where i can learn this technique the best way Big thanks in advance
After your press down on the frets lift them up where they're still on the strings, but they don't produce the right sound, you'd be preventing the strings from vibrating correctly and thus making a muted sound.

So, just lightly place your fingers over the strings
Don't palm mute, just hold you fretting hand over the strings with out fretting notes. Really just make some scratchy noises when you strum the 'x's.
Yes its muting. Just listen to the real song closely and you'll hear exactly when and how he's doing it.
lift up your fingers until you are touching the strings but not pushing them down. When playing with an amp (in your situation it'll work best with distortion or overdrive) you should be getting the sound you're looking for. if it doesnt work, try just laying all of your fingers on the fretboard and strum. if it sounds right, move your hand down until you can make the sound with just the tips of your fingers on the strings. then you'll be good to go.

Try to look up some lessons on string muting on youtube :P those should help...
all u do is just stop pushing down on the frets just leave ur hand touching the string its kind a hard to explain over the web
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thanks guys, i fell stupid now. i forgot to mention that i don't play whit an amp right now, cause my amp is ****ed and my new one is coming in some days. so i guess the amp gives it the better sound it needs thanks for all help btw
Usually (for this song in particular) get a couple of strums in but like stated above, dont fully lift off the strings thus muting the strings. Play around with it a bit. try to "mute switch" as opposed to lifting off when switching chords. If your playing power chords with 2 fingers ieF) 1st barring F + 3rd barring C (from open A down) its actually pretty easy to mute with your left hand.

1(not used- 1st)
1(not used- 1st)
3(some use it, some dont - 3rd)
1(1st - barre)

Hope this makes sense. Sounds like you should have a good handle on it from reading above, and dont worry about the amp. I play most stuff on acoustic - rock, punk, gay stuff for the ladies, ect... mutes or not
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