Heres a song, I don't know who it sounds like, you can see, it used to be about 2 minutes longer but I cut a lot out, so if it doesn't flow, that's not good. The distorted bass sounds like a toilet in the midi, but the rest of the instruments are fine so tell me what you think(C4C)

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Even though the bass didn't go on for too long in the intro I didn't really think it should've lasted that long. Without anything behind it it just didn't sound very interesting to me. However, once the guitars started it got a lot better especially when you started to harmonize around :25 seconds in.

Starting at around :48 seconds in you have a lead going in one channel and the rhythm going in the other which I liked the idea of. I wasn't a huge fan of the first two leads but I enjoyed the two at around 1:04 and at 1:12. 1:20 was also a cool section because you took the focus off the guitars for a while.

2:04 has been the best section of the song so far in my opinion because of how full it sounds. The lead that leads up to the harmony at 2:20 is nice and I really enjoyed your harmony riff here. The transition out of this harmony riff also sounds very natural, nice job.

I wasn't a huge fan of the bass fill around 3:10, but I'm positive that it'd sound better on a real bass. The volume swells are a nice touch but I think they should be a bit more noticeable, meaning fade in/out more.

Overall the second half of the song is much better than the first, but the first isn't bad itself. The second half, meaning from around 2:00 on, is just filled with great riffs that work together very well. Not to say that the first half was bad, but the second half kept my attention a lot more. Nice job with it.

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...I wasn't a huge fan of the bass fill around 3:10...

song is only 2:58s long ???? lol the song was pretty epic btw, liked ur dist bass ^_^ lol
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song is only 2:58s long ???? lol the song was pretty epic btw, liked ur dist bass ^_^ lol

What? The one I listened to was 3:58.