So I'm lookin' for a delay pedal. This is what I need:

  • <$120
  • digital (lots of clean repeats)
  • Up to 2 seconds of delay time
  • Sounds good in front of an amp
  • Preferably in a nice die-cast enclosure
  • Not super complicated
  • Works well with other pedals, specifically OD & fuzz/dist.

I need it for a spacey, experimental kind of sound for indie and such.

I'll be runnin' it in front of a Vox AC15, with a PRS SE Custom Semi-Hollow.
Try out some boss pedals at guitar center like the DD-3 or DD-7, also try a Line 6 Echopark those are pretty nice

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Boss DD-3/DD-6? I don't know the prices but they seem to cover what your looking for.
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The Boss DD-7 is a good pedal.

I'll admit, I have no experience with other pedals, but it's simple to use and has lots of features. It cost me about £100 though so that may be outside your price range.
boss makes good stuff for what you're looking for... buuut, i'd say you should look for analog, so much warmer, realer sounding, at least try the MXR carbon copy before you by the boss, so you know what the difference is and if that is something you need or not.
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I'm really likin' the MXR Carbon Copy.

The Boss DD-3/DD-6/DD-7 seems have to many knobs for me. I like how the Carbon Copy is really easy to use.
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Boss Delays are nice, find a DD-3, DD-6, or DD-7
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Analog delays can't go up past more than a second of delay time, really, unless you get really expensive (and the pedal then gets really big). For that matter the DD-3 doesn't have more than 800ms of delay and the CC only gets 600. If you really think you need two seconds of delay time save up $40 more and look into the Boss DD-7 or DigiTech Hardwire DL-8.

And the DD series lose all their "OMG KNOBS ONOZ SCAREE"-ness once you spend a couple of hours fiddling with them, which you'd do with any new pedal anyway.
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I second the Hardwire DL-8

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DD-6 used on ebay


Hardwire dl-8

and between the two, its really just up to you but I prefer the boss.
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I really liked the one i played.

If you like it go for it really legit pedal, next to the DD3 its the better pedal.

But alot of people beg to differ and seeing as i dont use much delay maybe you should look at the DD3 instead.
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