I have recently taken an interest in the now discontinued telecaster plus. I have been considering getting a telecaster standard and modifying it to match the specs of the plus but I'm somewhat lost as to which hardware I will need and what changes I would have to make aside from the pickups which would be lace red-red duallys and a blue in the neck position. I would also like to install a on-off switch. Any insight on how to go about this and projected costs would be appreciated.
you'd have to route out the bridge pickup cavity to make more room for the humbucker, and put on a ring and change the bridge... i think thats it though, idk if it seems worth it to me
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how much would it potentially cost to have someone route it out and install a new bridge?
A lot more than if you were to just put a hot single-coil in the bridge, which will sound better anyway IMO. I don't much care for the red dually.