Just a little background on this.
My grandma passed away a couple days ago from alzeimhers and I worte this the next day. Just kinda wanted to do something with it, critique if you like and I'll return the favour

You were always a fighter
Now your greatest battle is fighting
the restraints that keep you from falling
out of your old wheelchair

In the beginning there were sparks
Thoughts and memories that tied
our faces together in your mind
Now they all seem lost.

Did you notice when grandpa left
When your husband no longer showed
To sit next to your bed?
The idea of his passing
Would only get lost in your head

Hollow sounds mumbled.
a word
a name
a place
struggle crosses your empty face

Staring with confusion
Do you see me
Can you hear me
Do you know me
A ghost to you is all I must be.

It’s New Year’s Eve, and you are passing
A fitting time for a new beginnings
All I see is another year of you gone
Now your body as well as the mind.

We say good-bye to a woman
Who gave us all her love and care
Even in this time of sadness
Our hearts can feel a little lighter

Because this woman
This mother
This lover
This fighter
Had already died six years prior.
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