Well, I've noticed that the dude ranch dammit and the greatest hits dammit are different. The guitar is different going into the first verse, and the drum roll in the beginning is different. Does anyone know what this other version is and where its from?(Greatest hits) My conclusion was that they rerecorded with travis? I've also noticed it is a bit different with josie too in the intro. (WAAAAY shorter)

Any ideas?
Just the drums though? Because the vocals sound spot on. Though the guitar is a bit different in dammit.
the vocals probably sound spot on because the same vocoder was used in both recordings i'd guess.
Either that or its the same vocal track as dude ranch probably because due to marks smoking his range went a bit lower - in the later days tom had to sing the chorus live because mark couldnt go that high anymore.
There's already a huge Blink thread, use that.
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