hey i was wondering if anyone could check some of my stuff out. Everything is in the works still but i want some feedback from people who at least know about guitar lol cuz my friends sure dont. So tell me what you think and il return the favor. All riffs are on my profile.
ok il put feedbac on the porfile tho

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The cage riff was pretty sweet dude.
It instantly reminded me of an intro to an UFC fight. Dunno if that's what you had in mind by naming it Cage Riff.

Riff #1 was even better IMO. A bit more polyphony going on in it and it was quite interesting.

Not gonna comment the tone cause it's pretty much horrible, but it's obviously just for showing the riffs.

Good job. Try putting some stuff together to form a mini song. You're riffs have decent potential.

And since you said C4C :