Hey guys,

Here's the thing: I play in my school's big band and we're doing this Mingus piece:


And I get to solo at the hand clapping bit. So what do you think would fit in?

I'll probably try something like the sax player did in the link I posted, some groovy blues stuff, but what could be interesting? Chord solo, weird atonal stuff? Thanks for ideas.
Anything really... since the claps can be construed as "genre less" you're pretty much open to whatever. Since it's a Mingus piece though, you might want to try to keep it a little jazzy and try chromaticism, passing tones, etc.

Note: I didn't listen to the video, sorry, no speakers at the moment.
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Try some easy jazz pentatonic licks maybe. If you're more experienced, try some neat technique stuff, maybe. A lot of blues and jazz solos are improv (I prefer them anyway), so maybe work on a basic structure and play around with that, change it up every time.
This part of Mingus' repertoire is all about ballsy, roots blues. Listen to the solos on record (the tune is taken on both Mingus Ah Um and Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus) and try to emulate them. You can definitely pull of some tasteful overdrive (or better, fuzz) on this. Bend a lot, hit the quarter tone in between major and minor 3rd, leave space, play like you're playing at the church scene in The Blues Brothers. Rhythm Rhythm Rhythm Rhythm it's all about Rhythm.

Or do something entirely different. Harder to pull off, potentially worth it.