Started working on this about 2 days ago. t's not done yet, but i'd like some criticism before i continue.

I've been listening to In Flames alot lately (well Jester Race to Clayman anyway)
So i'd suppose it's influenced mostly by them

Tell me what you think, C4c and such.
The Weight of the Sky.zip
I really liked the intro, great way to start the song because it grabbed my attention right away. Your riffs kept me interested throughout the song actually. Your use of harmony really helps to keep my attention and I guess that would be the In Flames influence. I liked just about every riff up to the one at 52 seconds.

I liked the idea of going back and forth with it, but compared to the other riffs you have in the song and even the riffs that follow it just doesn't compare. I really look forward to hearing the full version of this, probably one of the better songs I've heard today on here. Very nice job, I really liked the harmonies.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1037972
its a good song..the only problem i have with it is it sounds too poppy...but hell if thats what you're going for then great job. good riffs, structure, etc.
Heh. poppy.

Well i guess it does sound a little up beat.

I plan to have mid range screaming fo vocals

so that might change the mood
Awesome, I really hear the In Flames influence (not so much The Jester Race though IMO, which is weird considering you said thats where you got the influence xD).

It is kind of poppy, but melodic death metal (especially that of the Gothenburg variety) is not always "br00tahl" as most other sub-genres.

Anyways, overall I like all the riffs in this song and I can't wait 'till you have it finished! I look forward to a nice solo too .
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Didn't like the Intro or Pre-Verse's at all, just wasn't my thing. Pre-Chorus and Chorus's where ok. Overall, it was neither interesting nor was it original or creative. Sorry man, I probably sound like an ass right now, but it just wasn't my thing, you know? Hope someone else could be more of help than I was.

Liked the song title though! The Weight Of The Skies sounds better
Well i did say jester race Through Clayman
But yeah i suppose it doesn't sound very JR'ey

Also don't get your hopes up for an awesome solo :\
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Yeah you do sound like an ass ^^
But thats ok, no harm done. Understand it's not your
style of music.
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Tasty stuff dude. I dig the intro and the usage of harmony. It was already said, but I'm just saying it again. The drums were ridiculously tasty in the pre-verse, I liked them. The verse would be very epic with screaming or vocals over it, that's how I could hear it. The pre-chorud sounded evil, then leveled out at the third measure.

Overall a great song, only thing is the chorus sounded way too much like the pre-chorus, If there wasn't the markers I wouldn't have noticed they changed.

I'd like to see it when you finish it. It's solid so far.

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The intro is easily the best part for me along with the verses and pre-verses. Those are the best. The Chorus and pre-chorus seemed just kind of thrown in there at the last minute. I think you could keep the pre-chorus melody going, but add some chords to the other guitar to give it a fuller sound.

I definitely hear the In Flames influence (even though I haven't really listened to too much of their old stuff.. or their new stuff >> and it's nice :] I'd like to see you take this song and expound upon it. Add a melodic solo. You don't need a fast, shredy one... a good nice melodic one seems like it would fit best anyways.

And an acoustic part would seem to fit to me... maybe a little later in the song? Or that could be what changes from pre-chorus to chorus! xD

sorry about that... I just kinda went a little over board >>
It is a good song though... I give it an 7-8/10

Would you mind a C4C?
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