I got a Bugera 6262 a few weeks ago. It's been working fine but today when I turned it on it kept making these crackling/popping noises then the powers tubes started glowing bright orange and I turned it off. I waited a while then tried turning it on again and I heard the crackling/popping noises again so I turned it off. Also, it has new power tubes so I don't think that is the problem.. they've been working fine for the past week..
bugeras have some reliability issues
take your amp to an amp tech and let them fix it for you
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bugeras have some reliability issues
take your amp to an amp tech and let them fix it for you

you beat me to it
Yikes, yeah glowing power tubes are generally bad.

Crackling and popping noises are generally a sign of arcing (basically internal shorting), it can happen with a ton of things, but most notably bad power tubes, but arcing can happen anywhere in the circuit and can occur in the OT as well. The orange glow is called redplating which is generally an indicator of one of two things, bad tubes or a bias that is set too hot. Either way, you're gonna need to get it checked out by a tech.

i thought power tubes were supposed to light up
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Heater filaments are supposed to light up (the little coil in the middle), but the gray plates are not supposed to be glowing, if they're glowing they're dissipating way more heat than they can safely handle. Generally when you're using bad tubes, they have the tendency to arc. Oh, and also, another common place where arcing happens is at the tube sockets between pins. When that happens you basically need to change the socket as the arc will leave a carbon trace which is conductive and it will continue to happen.

Here is an example of a tube arc

I've never actually seen anything like that happen before. The most I'd ever seen are quick flashes of light... those are like fireworks right there...