I have a Korg Tonewroks AX3G multi effects box. recently its been making an extremely annoying buzzing noise whenever i turn it on. you can hear it when a guitar is not plugged in and it interferes with the sound coming out of the amp.

Before anyone asks all my my other gear is peferctly fine, the noise is not made when the effects box is not connected.

I cant take it back as it has outrun its warranty, which sucks, considering it ended 2 weeks back.

A friend says it could be a lose wire so I opened it up and every wire is blocked by the wire board thing. the only way i could get this off wud be to snap it off, the only way to put it back on is by soldering it. I havent got the tools to do it myself and im guessing aking it to my nearest guitar repair shop (if they could fix it) it would cost a bit.

So any ideas what might be another cause and how to fix it, or should i just buy a different multi effects box, if so which one would you reccomend.

If it is not a bad Input or Output jack then it may be hard to repair.

You are using the original power supply and all right? Try a different outlet?

Prolly fried, sorry. Do you leave it plugged in and on all the time like I do?

I have an RP250 and like it OK. The PODs get a lot of love. But without a budget and specs of what you need it might be kinda hard to recommend. You can also try contacting Korg directly and plea. Good luck either way.
thanks for the reply,
i took it to the local guitar shop n the dude said it would be risky if he tried to fix it, n recommended a new one so, im all good, plus cuz im looking for a new guitar they said tehy would half the price of the efects box i bought if i bought a new uitar from that shop

its all gurd