After my last post I figure UG like dropped C to much, so I decided to try it, and came up with this. I've got a VOX set up, but all my lyrics are written in my notebook and I'm to lazy to type them up. The only part of this song I really like is the bridge/dueling guitars. If this doesn't get enough good crits or can't be fixed i just might make a new song with that riff. I also decided to try out distortion bass (Cliff Burton is one of my idols ) anywho, if you're not gonna use RSE i suggest turning the bass up some more because it has some pretty important parts that are hard to hear in MIDI.
C4C as always, leave a link, and i'll give you as detailed a crit as you gave me.
Thrash Metal.zip
The intro sort of reminded me of Motörhead, but heavier. You really don't waste any time with this one and get right into a fast solo and riff, both of which are alright, nothing great though, but not bad. Some of the riffs sounded a bit hard to hear in the spots where you had the vocals (I'm listening on MIDI so I can't adjust volumes since I don't have Guitarpro on my laptop), but from what I could tell some of them sounded pretty cool.

The solo around 1:30 fits the song I guess, I didn't care for it too much but it fits so thats fine. So far nothing has been extremely unique, and sort of seems like generic thrash, but there are some good parts. However, as soon as 2:55 came in my interest went up because it sounded like it was going to lead into something, which it did. I'm assuming this is the section that you liked the most, and I can see why. This is easily the best section of the song and compared to everything before it is much better. The solos here don't just sound like mindless shred to me and are a lot more melodic, this was your best section.

After this section ended you went back to heavier riffs and another fast lead, its not bad but to me it just sounded like generic thrash. I completely agree with you about your bridge section with the dueling guitars being the best in the song, the rest of the song just doesn't compare to that. I didn't hate any of the sections, but the only one that really stood out to me was the bridge, that was a really good part of this song. I think if you rewrite the other parts around that section you'll have a much better song.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1037972
my god, i thought this might happen too, because we both posted our songs at almost the same time, lol, what you said is pretty much what i thought of it. lol

*edit* wow i just listened to the MIDI and it sounding like utter ****, the bass was inaudiable and the vocals were waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to loud
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