ok so i just my second guitar yesterday and my first with a floyd on it, and naturally it comes with gauge 9 strings which i want to replace with 11-14-18-28-38-50 dr pure blues, now i know ur going to say use the search bar, but i did and i never got the same answer to this question twice

Ok when i switch will i have to **** around with the truss rod and will i have to add another spring, or mess with intonation **** thingys, and action


can i do it and only have to worry about adjusting the spring tension to float the briddge properly?

oh yea one more question, 11's will work on both standard and droped c or whatever tuning bullet for my vallentine uses right?
well, you have to adjust the truss rod and you MIGHT have to add a spring or two depending on how many you currently have. and i wouldn't know about bfmv cuz i dont like em.
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You may need a truss rod adjustment, doubt you'll need any new springs but you MAY
If not its just a simple balancing act with your floyd, also BFMV use D standand and Drop C, and yes they will work, i use 11-54 for it.
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it has three springs as per factory specs, would i need to another to those?
11's should work for Drop C, and will be a bit tight for standard. With a Floyd tho, you wont wanna be switching tunings too often, or that dramatically. You might have to mess with the truss rod a little, but not too much if your always in Drop C. Standard probably will mess your truss rod up long-term if you keep it in that tuning. You will have to mess with the springs and intonation every time you switch tunings i think.
You should be able to get away with just adjusting the springs in the back. I go down to C Standard with my MH-103 and I just have to adjust the claw for the springs and nothing else.
damn, well... would it be any easier if i only switched to 10's instead of 11's i''ll probably be switching tunings about once a month or whenever i change strings, whichever comes first..
yeah just use 10's. i really like DR's 10-50. theyre hard to find but you can buy them online.
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