Well, I just got done changing strings and afterward I noticed a high amount of string buzz on all the open strings and on the 1st fret. I checked the neck and there's a warp in the neck. It's level for a while then, toward the 2nd fret, it shoots down, away from the frets. There's actually a couple of things that are wierd about the neck now. Instead of the neck being parallel with the body, it's at an angle. I can look down the guitar with the frets facing the ceiling, and the neck goes toward the ceiling, making the action really high toward the 24th fret, and really low toward the nut. It's all quite hard to explain.

Anyways, I tried ajusting the truss rod and NOTHING about the neck moved. It didn't even bow the whole dang thing. What exactly should I do? Maybe time for a new guitar or a new neck?
I wouldn't mess with it, take it to a professional.
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What guitar is it?

If it's expensive It may be cheaper to get a new neck, if it's a cheaper one it might be cheaper to just get a new guitar.

What conditions do you keep your guitar in? This might have a lot to do with it.
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Most likely, you can't fix it if it's warped like that. As they said, take it to a pro, and if they can't do anything, get a new neck.
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I don't think I'll put up pics. Mainly because I would have to hold the thing perfectly infront of my computer. Besides, I've been looking at an Ibanez S320. It looks awsome and, judging by the reviews, it feels awsome too.