Hey, so I arranged a Jazz cover of the song Hysteria by Muse, but am having trouble contacting them to authorize the cover so we can play it in our jazz band. Anyone know how I can try to contact them? I tried messaging their MySpace to no avail...
arent covers by an amateur band alright? failing that contact their manager/managing team, not their myspace
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oh yeah there in the phone book. jk um its hard to contact a band i would guess
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i thought covers were alright to do without permission
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unless you are putting that song on an album and then selling it you dont need their authorization. Buskers dont get the authorization for each cover they play
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Yeah, our director refuses to let us play it unless we get authorizes in fear of Copyright junk
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So if we don't make any money from it it's ok?

as long as its not commercially produced or distributed
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