new years recording haha

idk i kinda like it, i love the tone more than anything
2 different guitars used here,
the left channel was my Schecter S1 Elite with a 59 neck pickup, Invader in the bridge.
the right channel was my Schecter C1 hellraiser Fr with Emg's,
played through my Crate Blue Voodoo halfstack,
i used a chorus at the beginning but took it off soon because it sucked, but i dont feel like recording the intro again.

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Schecter S1 Elite Black Cherry (Soapbar Neck, Invader Bridge)
Schecter Banshee
Orange Dual Terror
Boss CE-5
the tone is great and nice played, give some info on the recording procedure please
Inspired by Ibanez RGA321F Prestige, Gibson Les Paul Standard
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